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aku kena lagi
Monday, January 30, 2012 • 7:24 AM • 0 comments


Assalamualaikum semuaaa

tdi aq tgk chatbox ku pas 2 aku c eve tag smthing utk aku....ok tanpa buang masa kita mula nie peraturanya

  • You must post this rules in your entry
  • Each person must post about themselves in their entry
  • Answer the question than tagger set for you in their post.And create eleven new question for new people you tagged to answer.
  • You have to choose 11 people to tag link them on the post
  • Go to their page and tell them you have tag them HIM/HER 
  • No staff in tagging section "YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU READING THIS"
ok abis about the rule skrg nie kita jwp soalan c eve

  • watcha d0in ?
  • say s0mething b0ut my bl0g . be h0nest ! 
  • wh0 ur idol ?
  • Vanilla / Choc ?
  • What ur dream ?
  • pa k0rang akn wt , bla d ftnah ?
  • What the m0st stupid things that eu did?
  • Iphone/ Blackberry /
  • Do eu lyke my bl0g ?
  • KFC / MCD
  • Are eu lying me ? 

  • tgk youtube smbil tgk tv heheee
  • cute n sweet 
  •  my abah sebab abah pena cerita ketika dia hidup ssh dulu
  • tentu choc my favourite bh 2 hehehe
  • msk 'u' ,bejaya n m'banggakan abah n umie
  • firstaq nangis n wat deh jak mulut org mna blh kita tutup
  • pena 2 aq tgk wayang lucu n then menangis mcm org budu bab time aq mmg sedih gilakkk
  • iphone lah
  • yessss
  • kfc
  • noo  
ok itu jak udh d jwp kan hehehe

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  • cerita hari ini
  • talking to the moon
  • aku kurus??
  • jangan buat aq macam budak kecil
  • pelangi
  • lupakan awak
  • sedih weiii
  • aku akan cuba syg
  • bla....bla...
  • penat bhu

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